One of the keys to optimal health is staying active and participating in activities that

you enjoy.   

Creating Healthy for Life! 

  • ​SERVICES THAT BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN PHYSICIAN AND PATIENT. giving you the tools you need for change

Individually designed programs using science-based tracking and nutritional applications with

one-on-one guidance.

  • As a part of your healthcare team, we have the unique understanding of the intertwined PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINANTS that MAY impact your health. ​
  • Through goal setting, education, motivation, AND INDIVIDUALIZED pLANNING WE guide our clients to ​long-lasting AND positive effects on health. 

Products, helpful links and tips for your healthier lifestyle as well as public health issues and policies that affect you and your community.  

Get moving! 

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Marla Emde, BS, FLS

Public Health

Health Education and Program Planning

ACE Certified Health Coach

Certified SAIL Instructor

Fracture Liaison Services, NOF

Combining the science of fitness and weight management with the art of coaching and the maintenance of positive change. 

eat well


  • Strategies for long-term lifestyle improvements AND LOWERING RISK OF DISEASE 
  • Reduce your risk of disease and create healthy behaviors for a lifetime 

Weight management success requires knowledge, changing behaviors, energy balance and confidence as well as honing your creative skills in the kitchen.